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Gain Exposure & Trust Among Chinese Consumers

Whether you’re intending to expand in the Chinese market or revamp your sales, harness the power of influencer marketing in China to effectively promote your products and services. Seize this opportunity to engage with Chinese consumers and elevate your brand visibility within this distinctive digital landscape.

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All Chinese social networks supported

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Gain exposure through influential Chinese KOLs on China's leading social media platforms.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Resonate with the right audience by capitalizing on influencers' niche followings.

Higher Engagement Rates

Higher Engagement Rates

Influencer-created content typically achieves higher engagement rates compared to traditional advertising.

Chinese Influencers by Size & Function

Mega (Exposure)
> 1M
Macro (Branding & Conversion)
500K - 1M
Medium (Trust & Conversion)
100K - 500K
Micro (Market penetration)
10K - 100K
Nano (Trust & Market presence)
1K - 10K
China Influencer Marketing

Build a Strategy Customized to Your Goals

At Influchina, we specialize in crafting bespoke influencer strategies tailored to your unique business objectives in the dynamic Chinese market. Whether your goal is to amplify brand awareness or penetrate a specific demographic, our expert team will guide you in selecting the most effective social media platforms, including Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Douyin, Bilibili, Toutiao, Weibo, and more.

We ensure your brand connects with the right audience through a personalized approach, maximizing your impact and engagement across China’s most popular digital channels.


How to Get Started?

Get a free digital audit where we will analyze the presence of your business on Chinese social networks. After analyzing the results, we will prepare a campaign tailored to your needs.  

1. Planning & Briefing

You define the campaign objectives, budget, requirements and we design a campaign briefing.

2. Scouting & Selection

We present a list of Chinese influencers including forecasted KPIs. Then, you select the definitive profiles.

3. Content Inspection

Before publishing, we ensure both the script and visual content produced by influencers exceeds your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services.

We identify influencers whose audience demographics, values, and content style align with your brand identity. We also consider the influencer's engagement rates and authenticity to ensure a successful collaboration.

Do you have any questions?

Write to us and our team will contact you as soon as possible. 



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