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What is Bilibili? Marketing Strategies that Pay Off

Chinese social network
What is Bilibili?

Chinese social networks have emerged as the best and most powerful marketing tool in the Chinese market. Through them, companies from all over the world promote their brand, products and services. One of the most popular Chinese apps is BiliBili.

Companies from all over the world promote their brand, products and services on Chinese social networks, as they have become the most important and effective marketing tool in the Chinese market

In this article, we will discuss what BiliBili is, how BiliBili works, some interesting information for foreign companies and decisive elements for effective marketing on this social network.

1. What is Bilibili?

BiliBili, also known as B-station, was founded in 2009, backed by Alibaba and Tencent as well as Sony. Along with iQiyi and Youku, BiliBili has become one of the leading video-streaming social networks in China.

It is currently the fastest growing platform among China’s Generation Z, so brands should not miss out on this exciting opportunity in the Chinese market. 

BiliBili has become one of the leading video-streaming social networks in China, being the fastest growing platform for Generation Z users

What is Bilibili?-Key features

Key features of BiliBili

BiliBili is regarded in the West as the Chinese version of YouTube, although it also bears some resemblance to Netflix. Its most notable features include:

  • Watch and post both short and long videosReels and short videos also work very well on platforms like Douyin and Kuaishou.
  • Watch videos of animations, comics and games.
  • Videos, movies, blogs, TV series and programs of any subject imaginable.
  • Live streaming services.
  • Interaction between users to comment on videos and programs, leading to the creation of friendly communities.
  • You can see the reactions of people who have watched the series while you are watching it, even if those people have watched it a long time ago.
  • Add live bullet point comments on the video for people to see.

BiliBili started as a platform where users could watch anime and has grown into a full-featured social network with the possibility of unique interactions in never-before-seen formats

Who is the target audience of Bilibili?

We have already mentioned that BiliBili is mostly made up of members of Generation Z, accounting for approximately 80% of the total number of users. In addition, the average age of consumers is 21 years old, with the majority of cities being of lower tiers.

80% of BiliBili users are Chinese Generation Z, with the average age of the total being 21 years old

Target audience of Bilibili

As for the gender split among users, we find, unlike the other Chinese social networks, that 68% of the total number of users are male, with women making up the remaining 32%.


2. Types of accounts on BiliBili

Types of accounts on BiliBili

There are three types of BiliBili accounts:

  • Official account for Chinese influencers: the main objective is to gain followers and collaborate with brands, making content for the latter or for their own benefit. This account allows great visibility and monetization options, but you must have at least 100,000 followers.
  • Official account for businesses: the objective is to promote products and services of the company’s brand, with commercial intent. Content about the business and products is usually uploaded, with a company or organization being the owner of the account. This account allows great visibility, access to Zhuanche and better collaborations.
  • Individual account: like with any other social network, this type of account is used for entertainment, without any commercial intention, through anime, manga and video game content. This account cannot be monetized.

On the official BiliBili business account, companies can promote their products and services and partner with Chinese influencers to gain high visibility in China

3. Tips for marketing on BiliBili

With an eye on optimizing the exposure of foreign businesses on BiliBili, let’s take a look at some key tips on how to market on BiliBili:

  1. The most widely used form of marketing on BiliBili is live broadcasts, as they make up more than 80% of the total marketing on the platform. Therefore, planning good live streams is crucial to making money on BiliBili.
  2. Target consumers belonging to Generation Z, as they are the most trusting of user-generated content, plus they are prone to engage in everything related to product consumption.
  3. Partner with Chinese influencers, either through KOL marketing (Key Opinion Leaders) or KOC marketing (Key Opinion Consumer), to promote your brand via celebrities who influence the decisions of BiliBili users.

To market on BiliBili, the three most profitable options are through live broadcasts, any strategy that targets the Chinese Generation Z and collaboration with Chinese influencers

Tips for marketing on BiliBili

3. Conclusions

We have already seen how important BiliBili can be for companies outside China, as the platform’s strategies and audience are perfect for an optimal introduction. Still, professional support is always recommended.

If you are interested in bringing your business to BiliBili, you can contact InfluChina through hello@influchina.com, a social media agency dedicated to encouraging Chinese consumers to engage with foreign businesses through strategic partnerships with Chinese influencers.


Frequently Asked Questions about BiliBili

BiliBili, known as the Chinese version of YouTube, was founded in 2009, and has become one of the most popular social media apps in China.

The main features of BiliBili, the Chinese version of YouTube, are: watching and posting videos, both short and long videos, animations, comics and games, live streaming services and interaction between users.

To market your business on BiliBili, the three most cost-effective options are through live streaming, any strategy that targets the Chinese Generation Z, and influencer marketing in China.

If you are interested in bringing your business to BiliBili, you can contact InfluChina, a social media agency dedicated to driving Chinese consumers to foreign businesses through strategic collaborations with Chinese influencers.

To market successfully on BiliBili, it is recommended to focus on live broadcasts, target Chinese Generation Z and collaborate with Chinese influencers (KOL or KOC) to promote your brand.

BiliBili has three types of accounts: official accounts for influencers (over 100,000 followers), official accounts for businesses (for commercial promotion) and individual accounts for entertainment (no monetization option).

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