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What is Dianping? Your Platform to Attract Chinese Customers

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Dianping: the one-stop shop for Chinese consumers

In this article, we will explore what Dianping is and how it has become a leading online review and recommendation platform in China. Since its launch in 2003, Dianping has become a trusted source for Chinese consumers looking for information about local restaurants, stores and services. In other words, a very smart way to attract Chinese tourists to your restaurant or local business.

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1. Dianping: the one-stop shop for Chinese consumers

Dianping, considered the Chinese version of TripAdvisor, offers a wide range of information services to its users, including consumer reviews, commercial offers and discounts. But not only that, it also provides O2O (Online To Offline) services, combining features from popular platforms such as Groupon, Deliveroo, TripAdvisor and Yelp.

This comprehensive approach allows users to access travel and lifestyle services or make online purchases within a single application. Dianping’s ability to serve diverse needs is what sets it apart and contributes to its success, and makes it a rival to Ctrip.

2. User reviews: valuable feedback

One of Dianping’s key features is the ability for users to leave reviews and ratings of local establishments. Users can share their experiences and opinions about restaurants, stores and services, which helps other consumers make informed decisions.

Reviews on Dianping are highly valued and can influence the reputation and success of a business, so being aware of this platform becomes a very important goal for hotel, restaurant and other similar businesses who want to attract Chinese tourists.

User reviews: valuable feedback

3. Personalized recommendations

Dianping uses sophisticated algorithms to offer personalized recommendations to users. 

Taking into account individual preferences, search history and past reviews, Dianping displays relevant and personalized suggestions of places to visit, dishes to try and services to enjoy.

This feature serves to help users discover new businesses that might be of interest to them and enhance their overall experience.

4. Find the best restaurants by location

One of its main strengths is its ability to find the best restaurants based on location.

Using geolocation technology, the application displays a detailed list of restaurants with ratings and reviews from other users. It is also possible to filter the results according to preferences, such as type of cuisine, price and available facilities.

Dianping also offers personalized recommendations based on previous tastes and preferences. This means that it will always recommend options that suit the needs and allow you to discover new places to enjoy its services. Another interesting Chinese social network for marketing your restaurant is Little Red Book.

Find the best restaurants by location-What is Dianping?

5. Book with ease and avoid waiting colas

Another outstanding feature of Dianping is its restaurant booking function. Users don’t have to wait in long lines or fail to get a table at a restaurant. With this tool, a reservation can be made with just a few clicks. This is essential for Chinese tourists, as they infinitely prefer places with a short wait.

6. Discover exclusive offers: save while you savor

This comprehensive tool is not only limited to restaurants, it also offers a wide range of deals and discounts on a variety of products and services.  

From spas and gyms to fashion stores and leisure activities, Dianping provides access to exclusive offers that will help you save money while enjoying your favorite activities.

With the deal search function, you can easily find promotions near your location and take full advantage of them. The app provides complete details about each offer, including the discount, terms of use and duration of the promotion. 

Discover exclusive offers: save while you savor
Discover exclusive offers: save while you savor

7. Collaboration with influencers on Dianping: strengthening your online presence

Dianping has created a ranking system that recognizes the most influential and active users on its platform. 

These users, known as KOLs (Key Influencers) and KOCs (Key Consumers), play a crucial role in the Dianping community by providing detailed and honest reviews of various establishments and services.

We believe that proper influencer marketing in China, working with Chinese KOLs and KOCs, involves partnering with influencers on Dianping to promote your business and strengthen its online presence, thus attracting a wider audience, so collaborating with a social media agency in China such as InfluChina can make a difference.

Collaboration with influencers on Dianping- What is Dianping?

8. Conclusion

Dianping has revolutionized the way businesses in the local restaurant and service industry promote themselves and attract Chinese customers. Businesses that receive positive reviews and high ratings on this social network often experience an increase in popularity and customer flow.

On the other hand, bad reviews can have a negative impact on a business’s reputation. As a result, restaurant owners and other local businesses are increasingly focused on providing high-quality experiences and getting positive reviews on this platform.

Thanks to Dianping, Chinese consumers can make informed choices, discover new places and enjoy exclusive offers while exploring their city and enjoying their preferred lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dianping

There is no shortage of questions that can arise regarding Dianping and Chinese social networks, so we will look at answering the most frequently asked questions.

It is undoubtedly Dianping, the Chinese version of TripAdvisor, whose reviews are highly valued among Chinese tourists when choosing or disregarding an establishment.

In recent years, Dianping has overtaken Ctrip and replaced it as the leading hotel booking platform in China.

On any download platform such as Google Play or App Store you can install Dianping for free and enjoy its services.

With the deal search function, you can easily find promotions near your location and make the most of them.

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